Q & A

Common questions

Where can the shoes be measured? Where is your store?

On Rabbi Pinchas Street 13 Flea Market Jaffa

What size is right for me?

You can see the appropriate size and way of measuring the foot on our table chart page here

If I purchased shoes and the size is not right for me, what are the options for me?

We want you to be satisfied with every purchase. Please refer to the Product Return Policy or contact us at info@amriasdhoes.com or 054-2404029.

What are the materials from which the shoes are made?

The shoes are made of leather. Both the body and the upper and the insole. In most models, especially in the heel shoes, the sole is also made of leather.

How to take care of the shoes?

The shoes do not require special care. We recommend that you clean your insole (especially in sandals) with face milk.