About Us

After many years of court hearings, as part of my work as a lawyer, accumulating hundreds of hours of discussions and writing legal documents, I decided to make a big change in my life and implement my true love. 
I set up AMRIA out of a world full of inspiration and passion for design, beauty, precision and minimlizm.
I believe that shoes are (almost) everything a woman needs to get excited and to feel. During the design I am not willing to settle for less then the excitement  accompanies me on the design process.
The shoes are made of Italian leather, by a multi-artist, handmade  in traditional techniques work in Israel.

In 2019, Galit was nominated for the first time, in the Annual Fashion Awards of AT MAGAZINE, in the shoes designer category.

You can find us at our loft 16 Rabi Pinkhas Jaffa

Galit Friedman Noy